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Sadly, this will be theFifthMicrophone's final mixtape ! 

In true fashion of the music that we've been providing over half a million people for in seven years, this compilation is a hand picked selection of jazzy groove, psych soul ,and hard funk tracks. 

Whether you are a crate-digging enthusiast, looking for those great hip-hop samples, or enjoy funky nuggets and soulful gems, we would like to thank you for being a part of our musical project. 

Stay tuned for a new music project starting New Year 2013!

There's a wrinkle in our time - 1984
Green trees - The Funk Ark
You can be a star - Luther Davis
Over Dose - The Two Things in One
Mind Mischief - Tame Impala
The Answer - Jodesha and Strar Ride
Money Is Getting Cheaper - Jimmy Witherspoon
Sha La La - Mixed Feelings
Get Down - Freedom Express
Matrix - Dizzy Gillespie
No Ifs Ands or Buts - Debbie Taylor
Confusion - The Two Things in One
You Can't Change A Man - Christy Essien Igbokwe 
Time is winding up - Dorothy Norwood
Love Is - Leon Mitchison
BONUS: Straight To My Heart - Twilight

Downed Economy: A selection of contemporary urban grooves compiled by ChrisP 

All cities are mad: but the madness is gallant. All cities are beautiful: but the beauty is grim. 

Constant Surprises - Little Dragon
La La La - Mike Baker the Bike Maker
Too Much Tenderness - Koushik
In - Homeboy Sandman feat. BLU
I'm Gonna Make It On My Own - Yellow Alex & the Feelings
Downed Economy - Emil & Friends
Violent Loves (Twelves Remix) - Munk
What Did He Say - Nite Jewel
K is for Kelson - Bibio
I Look to You - Miami Horror feat Kimbra
Reversed (Opolopo remix) - Blacktop
Cheap Imitations - Emil
Original 12" - Blue Boy
Rocks and Rain - Stephen Farris
I Heard It Through The Grapevine vs. Feel Good Inc. - Marvin Gaye vs. The Gorillaz
Shapeshift - Dels
Prelude To A Freestyle - Jay Electronica
Norman's Fire - Jacques Renault
Feel Good Inc. - Skye

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The FifthMic presents: Disco Demands Volume Four
An easy collection of fuzzy rare music.

It's been awhile since our last post. Sorry about that.

Don't be too upset though,
this album makes up for the recent lack of updates.

Welcome back & Enjoy.


The Garden - Nino Ferrer
Jealous of Roses - Bibio
Let It Whip (edit) - Picture house
Wang East - Lord Echo
Uhuru - Ramsey Lewis Trio
T.B. Sheets - Van Morrison
Selfish Greed - Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen
Trying to Get Over (edit) - DTrain
DANCE - Hawa
Can't Get Used to Those - Dimlite
Lonnie's Secret - Owusu and Hannibal
What You Think About - St. Germain
Stranded in Your Love - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Sleep - Coco O
Thinking of You - Lord Echo
Don't Take My Shadow - Kings Go Forth


Strut'n' Get Up - Funky Fat Slices Of Groove Cut from Blue Note

A Funky Funky Funky compilation! Enjoy.

1.: Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter - Ike & Tina Turner
2.: Shack Up - Banbarra
3.: Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow (Baretta's theme) - Earl Klugh
4.: Bring Down The Birds - Herbie Hancock
5.: Momma - Ronnie Foster
6.: Fat Cakes - Jimmy McGriff
7.: Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky - Lou Donaldson
8.: Street Lady - Donald Byrd
9.: Daisy Mae - Raul De Souza
10.: You Are The World - Donald Byrd
11.: Movin' - Brass Construction
12.: Colour Blind - Maze
13.: Ain't It Funky Now - Jimmy McGriff
14.: Punch Bowl - Allan Parker
15.: Communication - Bobby Womack
16.: Funky Sneakers - Willie Bobo
17.: Funky In Here - Willard Burton
18.: Change (Makes You Want To Hustle) - Donald Byrd

Part 1 (74MB)
Part 2 (28MB)

Look into the Flower - Trip on psychedelic grooves with Blue Note

Here is a beautiful homage to very earthy psychedelic grooves from the 60's and 70' s. "Assured takeoff."
A1 Georges Garvarentz - Hashisch Party
A2 Ananda Shankar - Streets of Calcutta
A3 Jeremy Steig - Howling For Judy
B1 Donald Byrd - Black Bird
B2 Candido - Hallelujah, I'm Comin' Home
C1 Donald Byrd - Wind Parade
C2 Bobbi Humphrey - Harlem River Drive
D1 Gary Bartz - Music is my Sanctuary
D2 Lord Sitar - I Can See for Miles
D3 John Andrews Tartaglia - Light My Fire
E1 Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor
E2 Horace Silver - Acid, Pot or Pills
E3 Gene Harris - Love for Sale
F1 Bobbi Humphrey - Smiling Faces Sometimes
F2 Ravi Shankar - Tala Rasa Ranga
F3 Martin Denny - Hypnotique

Part 1
Part 2 (30MB)

Hard Afro Jazz, Funk, & Beat - Compiled by TheFifthMicrophone

a killer mixtape, pretty much sounds how it looks, some of the best genre-specific music we've heard.

Bonus Track is "Tell Me" by Femi Kuti



Free Soul: Lost soul gems compiled by TheFifthMicrophone

Time for a new mixtape! Enjoy!


Sign Song - Buddy Baker

Dreamworld - Don Downing

Easy Money - Dee Dee Sharp

Summer In The City - Quincy Jones

Unknown - Unknown

Free Soul - John Klemmer

Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway

We Must Be In Love - The Five Stairsteps

Ma Quale Idea - Pino D'Angio

Spring High - Ramsey Lewis

Unknown - Unknown

And I Love Him - Esther Phillips

Tripping Out - Curtis Mayfield

Feel The Need In Me - Detroit Emeralds

Pony - Annette Peacock

Moonboots - Orlando Rivea Sound

Unknown - Unknown

You Can't Turn Me Away - Sylvia Striplin

More More More - Andrea True Connection

I'll Be Holding On - Al Downing


Competition time! The first person to correctly answer these two questions will receive a free 7 day rapidshare account.

Which one of these 5 artists did not cover the song "feeling good", and which was the original artist to write and perform the song?

Charles McPherson & Pat Bowie
Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley
Nina Simone
Dizzy Gillespie
Lynn Marino

In the late 50s -early 60s, art blackey's Jazz Messangers had a host of tenor players who sat in,with some of them sticking around for only an album or two. Which of the following tenor players was never in the jazz messangers?

Hank Mobley
Wayne Shorter
Joe Henderson
Benny Golson

Guess as many times as you want, good luck, winner will be announced Saturday 11pm GST


Due to a large harddisk failure, TheFifthMicrophone has lost alot of sought-after music to upload, however we are working on continuing to update this blog. Here is a bootleg vinyl of great rare breaks (for those wondering, the last sample is a cut from "Daydream" by Gunter Kallmann Chorus:

Various- Beyond The Valley Of The Superbeats

Label: Grand Gruyere Recordings
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Unofficial Release
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul, Jazz
Style: Soul-Jazz, Breaks, Jazz-Rock



A1 Fear Machine Strings Of Fear
A2 African Voodoo African Pop Session
A3 Babygravy High Snobriety
A4 Bob Azzam Rain Rain Go Away
A5 Archie Whitewater Cross Country
B1 Millenium Prelude
B2 John Cameron Hobo Strut
B3 Electroid 2000 Moogsters Revenge
B4 Tonio Rubio Bass In Action No.7 (Vocal Version)
B5 Air Mr. Man
B6 Various Bonus Skit

Madvillainy 2 - The Madlib remix

Hip hop, since its inception, has been breathing new life into used musical ideas, and the most obvious route it takes in doing this is audio sampling.

Some producers sample music listeners will recognize from pop radio, but Madlib specializes in turning ears on to music that didn't have much attention to begin with--looping beats from the unheard and unsampled LPs filling dusty milk crates everywhere.

Madlib is up to his usual tricks these days, but he's taking on a big project: reworking his most critically acclaimed album, Madvillainy.

Let's clear the air; this album is a lot more like remodeling than remixing. For the most part, MF DOOM's lyrics have remained in tact; they're the frame Madlib worked around to recontextualize the album.

What was once the laid back and smokey "Figaro" has been renamed "No Brain," and given a faster tempo with a 60s soul backing track. Even MF DOOM's vocals are from a different and more forceful recording take. These subtleties are what really make this LP seem new to anyone familiar with the original.

The off-kilter "Shadows of Tomorrow" was changed into "Light of the Past," and mixed with a beat that matches the lyrics in terms of left field obscurity.

It's sad to see some beats go. For example, the backing tracks to "Meat Grinder," "Curls," and "Strange Ways" are part of what made the original so great. However, Madlib doesn't change the tracks without finding beats that are sufficient and thought-provoking. Some songs like "America's Most Blunted" don't make the cut onto Madvillainy 2, and all of the original instrumentals are replaced with new ones.

It's a ballsy move, but Madlib probably knows any alteration of Madvillainy is bound to bring both praise and disdain. Besides, the latter is only a reaction that will come from fans who have heard the original, because this remix--without a doubt--could work as an enjoyable introduction to Madvillain, too.

The beats are new, but what's important is the original LP's ideas have stayed the same: very few choruses, shorter songs, jazz-influenced beats, obscure verbal samples, and the overall feel of a mixtape. It's a format that isn't very radio-friendly, but it still managed to receive praise from numerous music magazines and websites.

In the larger scheme of things, Madvillainy hasn't exactly changed things. However, the LP's mainstream attention should get producers and MCs thinking about treating hip hop like an art form again, and work toward breaking away from the song structures and lyrical themes plaguing the genre today.


  1. "Pow! (Intro)"
  2. "No Brain"
  3. "Pearls"
  4. "Light of the Past"
  5. "Boulder Holder"
  6. "Borrowed Time"
  7. "Space Ho's Coast to Coast"
  8. "Invazion (Interlude)"
  9. "Drainos"
  10. "Fire in the Hole"
  11. "Heat Niner"
  12. "Monkey Suit"
  13. "Fluid (Instrumental)"
  14. "Can't Reform Em"
  15. "Redd Spot (Interlude)"
  16. "Running Around With Another"
  17. "Butter King Jewels"
  18. "Sermon"
  19. "Roller Coaster Riders (Instrumental)"
  20. "3.214"
  21. "Confucius Spot (Interlude)"
  22. "Never Go Pop"
  23. "Savage Beast (Instrumental)"
  24. "Cold One"
  25. "Cold One (Reprise)"

Soul Reservation - an obscure collection of funk & soul breaks compiled by the Fifth Microphone

Time for another solid mixtape. Lots of hard to find original samples, some of which will make you grin. Enjoy these gems.

Concrete Reservation - Syl Johnson
Gotta be Funky - Monk Higgins
Worldwide - Allen Toussaint
Before the Night is over - Joe Simon
Why Can't there be Love - Dee Edwards
Between the Lines - Charles Whitehead
Groovy Situation - Gene Chandler
Don't Let Up - Olympic Runners
Cold Feet - Albert King
Don't be Surprised - Lynn Williams
Wayward Dream - Annette Poindexter & Pieces of Peace
You Know How to Love Me - Phyllis Hyman
Is It Love - Larry Graham & Central Station
Wondering - Betty Everett


Wee - You can fly on my aeroplane

The second in a trilogy of Columbus, Ohio soul albums to be issued on Numero’s Asterisk imprint comes from the twisted pen and mind of Norman Whiteside. His lone album, under the pseudonym Wee, is firmly ensconced in Innervisions-era Stevie Wonder, with nary a trace of his work as a writer for Bill Moss’ Capsoul label a few years prior. Smooth, sexy, and synthy, You Can Fly On My Aeroplane is a peerless sprawling psychedelic soul concept album; full of ‘70s excess and cocaine charm. Guitar phase, strong synth and slippery bass push Whiteside’s distinct tenor (and even stranger falsetto) afloat. It’s a rather fat reissue, too, including more "pheromone funk" outtakes and alternates than true album tracks. The original nine song LP has been expanded to nineteen, including seven previously unreleased panty soakers. Lovers rejoice.

1 - You Can Fly On My Aeroplane
2 - Leavin' You Alone
3 - Put It In Real Good
4 - Alone (Reprise)
5 - I'm All Changed
6 - Alone
7 - Find Me, Love Me
8 - Try Me
9 - Aeroplane (Reprise)
10 - Try Me (45 Version)
11 - Teach Me How
12 - Stay
13 - I Want To Show you
14 - Trying To Tell You How I Feel
15 - I Luv You
16 - We Could Get It Together
17 - Do You Know
18 - I Don't Know About You
19 - I Think I'm In Love With You
20 - I'm All Changed

living in the streets vol 2: more wah wah jazz, funky soul, and other dirty grooves

Another stellar collection of rare funky grooves! The compilation features a brilliant batch of tracks from the 70s; mostly underground soul, jazz, and funk tunes that have yet to appear on reissues, chosen by UK DJ Dean Rudland, with a feel that's as righteous and progressive as the title might imply. There's lots of gems on here that were only ever issued on 45s, or on the kinds of rare LPs that cost in the $100 range, if and when you could find them! Enjoy!


1. Don't Let It Go to Your Head - Katie Love and The Four Shades Of Black
2. I Can't Stand It - Brenda George
3. Afro Texas - Letta Mbulu
4. Kicking Back, Pts. 1 & 2 - Joe Houston
5. Theme from The Men - Joe Bataan
6. Sleep Talk - King Errisson
7. Love Potion-Cheeba-Cheeba - The Mighty Tom Cats with Ann Winley
8. Mucho Macho - Macho
9. I Must Be Doing Something Right - Irene Reid
10. Return of the Prodigal Son - Byrdie Green
11. Fever - Sharon Cash
12. Kissing My Love - Spanky Wilson
13. And When I Die - Queen Esther Marrow
14. Where Will You Run - Walter Hawkins and Selah
15. Harrambee (based on the 'Bwala Dance' from African Sanctus) - Jambo
16. Africa - Preston Epps

http://rapidshare.com/files/157871119/living_in_the_streets_2.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/157871138/living_in_the_streets_2.part2.rar