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Competition time! The first person to correctly answer these two questions will receive a free 7 day rapidshare account.

Which one of these 5 artists did not cover the song "feeling good", and which was the original artist to write and perform the song?

Charles McPherson & Pat Bowie
Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley
Nina Simone
Dizzy Gillespie
Lynn Marino

In the late 50s -early 60s, art blackey's Jazz Messangers had a host of tenor players who sat in,with some of them sticking around for only an album or two. Which of the following tenor players was never in the jazz messangers?

Hank Mobley
Wayne Shorter
Joe Henderson
Benny Golson

Guess as many times as you want, good luck, winner will be announced Saturday 11pm GST



Julian said...

Dizzy Gillespie never covered it.

Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley wrote it.

Joe Henderson was never in the Jazz Messengers.

©                                                                                                                 said...

you sir, are the winner, please provide an email to send a username and password.

Julian said...


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