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Soul Reservation - an obscure collection of funk & soul breaks compiled by the Fifth Microphone

Time for another solid mixtape. Lots of hard to find original samples, some of which will make you grin. Enjoy these gems.

Concrete Reservation - Syl Johnson
Gotta be Funky - Monk Higgins
Worldwide - Allen Toussaint
Before the Night is over - Joe Simon
Why Can't there be Love - Dee Edwards
Between the Lines - Charles Whitehead
Groovy Situation - Gene Chandler
Don't Let Up - Olympic Runners
Cold Feet - Albert King
Don't be Surprised - Lynn Williams
Wayward Dream - Annette Poindexter & Pieces of Peace
You Know How to Love Me - Phyllis Hyman
Is It Love - Larry Graham & Central Station
Wondering - Betty Everett



frankai said...

dee edwards and charles whitehead are big favourites !

Subliminal Freedom said...

Why I only found your site now is a mystery to me..
As it has the best gems ive seen so far...

Only had these on vinyl and now I can give my vinyl a rest and keep the value up :)

Good work on every post.

soul.nice said...

great comp but a couple files are m4p and cannot be played =(

Sevefunk said...

GREAT BLOG!!!! & good sleeve.
"the black vinyl returns"
Thanks for share the best black music.

Anonymous said...