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Due to a large harddisk failure, TheFifthMicrophone has lost alot of sought-after music to upload, however we are working on continuing to update this blog. Here is a bootleg vinyl of great rare breaks (for those wondering, the last sample is a cut from "Daydream" by Gunter Kallmann Chorus:

Various- Beyond The Valley Of The Superbeats

Label: Grand Gruyere Recordings
Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Unofficial Release
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul, Jazz
Style: Soul-Jazz, Breaks, Jazz-Rock



A1 Fear Machine Strings Of Fear
A2 African Voodoo African Pop Session
A3 Babygravy High Snobriety
A4 Bob Azzam Rain Rain Go Away
A5 Archie Whitewater Cross Country
B1 Millenium Prelude
B2 John Cameron Hobo Strut
B3 Electroid 2000 Moogsters Revenge
B4 Tonio Rubio Bass In Action No.7 (Vocal Version)
B5 Air Mr. Man
B6 Various Bonus Skit


SpankyMonkey said...

Man, same thing happened to me at Christmas, I'm still piecing my life together (right now as I write this in fact).

Good luck, it took me 2 months alone to recover from the shock! And I'm still not blogging again as my rarities are hidden deep in the vaults (on disc somewhere deep in the depths of my cluttered mind and home)

good luck

Turntablist said...

Thanks for posting this, I've had the LP for quite sometime but I've never got around to recording it to MP3.

Oh and if you're interested the cheeky people at Grand Gruyere Recordings changed the name of High Snobriety's artist. It's not Baby Gravy as they state but it's actually Siegfried Schwab. But because they put it like that on the lp we'll leave it be ;)

Ford Prefect said...

Awsome find - thank you so much for these tunes! Music is the lifeblood!

Just one thing though, one track appears to be missing:

B5 Air Mr. Man

Just me or is this MIA?

Thanks again :)