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Wee - You can fly on my aeroplane

The second in a trilogy of Columbus, Ohio soul albums to be issued on Numero’s Asterisk imprint comes from the twisted pen and mind of Norman Whiteside. His lone album, under the pseudonym Wee, is firmly ensconced in Innervisions-era Stevie Wonder, with nary a trace of his work as a writer for Bill Moss’ Capsoul label a few years prior. Smooth, sexy, and synthy, You Can Fly On My Aeroplane is a peerless sprawling psychedelic soul concept album; full of ‘70s excess and cocaine charm. Guitar phase, strong synth and slippery bass push Whiteside’s distinct tenor (and even stranger falsetto) afloat. It’s a rather fat reissue, too, including more "pheromone funk" outtakes and alternates than true album tracks. The original nine song LP has been expanded to nineteen, including seven previously unreleased panty soakers. Lovers rejoice.

1 - You Can Fly On My Aeroplane
2 - Leavin' You Alone
3 - Put It In Real Good
4 - Alone (Reprise)
5 - I'm All Changed
6 - Alone
7 - Find Me, Love Me
8 - Try Me
9 - Aeroplane (Reprise)
10 - Try Me (45 Version)
11 - Teach Me How
12 - Stay
13 - I Want To Show you
14 - Trying To Tell You How I Feel
15 - I Luv You
16 - We Could Get It Together
17 - Do You Know
18 - I Don't Know About You
19 - I Think I'm In Love With You
20 - I'm All Changed


Fiona said...

Really soft and mellow, and uncomplicated soul in this album.... I love it....

danuta said...

Thanks again -

Wyze said...

great album! Norman Whiteside's production on this is remarkable

peter said...

re-up please!