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The FifthMic presents: Disco Demands Volume Four
An easy collection of fuzzy rare music.

It's been awhile since our last post. Sorry about that.

Don't be too upset though,
this album makes up for the recent lack of updates.

Welcome back & Enjoy.


The Garden - Nino Ferrer
Jealous of Roses - Bibio
Let It Whip (edit) - Picture house
Wang East - Lord Echo
Uhuru - Ramsey Lewis Trio
T.B. Sheets - Van Morrison
Selfish Greed - Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen
Trying to Get Over (edit) - DTrain
DANCE - Hawa
Can't Get Used to Those - Dimlite
Lonnie's Secret - Owusu and Hannibal
What You Think About - St. Germain
Stranded in Your Love - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Sleep - Coco O
Thinking of You - Lord Echo
Don't Take My Shadow - Kings Go Forth



Rhyme T. said...
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Rhyme T. said...

Any chance you could re-up this gem? Rapidshare says the link is no longer valid…

Thanks in advance and keep up the excellent work!