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living in the streets vol 2: more wah wah jazz, funky soul, and other dirty grooves

Another stellar collection of rare funky grooves! The compilation features a brilliant batch of tracks from the 70s; mostly underground soul, jazz, and funk tunes that have yet to appear on reissues, chosen by UK DJ Dean Rudland, with a feel that's as righteous and progressive as the title might imply. There's lots of gems on here that were only ever issued on 45s, or on the kinds of rare LPs that cost in the $100 range, if and when you could find them! Enjoy!


1. Don't Let It Go to Your Head - Katie Love and The Four Shades Of Black
2. I Can't Stand It - Brenda George
3. Afro Texas - Letta Mbulu
4. Kicking Back, Pts. 1 & 2 - Joe Houston
5. Theme from The Men - Joe Bataan
6. Sleep Talk - King Errisson
7. Love Potion-Cheeba-Cheeba - The Mighty Tom Cats with Ann Winley
8. Mucho Macho - Macho
9. I Must Be Doing Something Right - Irene Reid
10. Return of the Prodigal Son - Byrdie Green
11. Fever - Sharon Cash
12. Kissing My Love - Spanky Wilson
13. And When I Die - Queen Esther Marrow
14. Where Will You Run - Walter Hawkins and Selah
15. Harrambee (based on the 'Bwala Dance' from African Sanctus) - Jambo
16. Africa - Preston Epps

http://rapidshare.com/files/157871119/living_in_the_streets_2.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/157871138/living_in_the_streets_2.part2.rar


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