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Memphis 70 - The city's funk & soul in the decade after Otis

The death of Otis Redding in late 1967 was a watershed in the sound of Memphis soul. He had been the figurehead and defining figure as Stax had taken a distinctly gritty take on soul to the top of the US charts. "Memphis 70" shows what happened next as local musicians emerged from Otis' shadow and created new and exhilarating sounds. In typical FifthMicrophone style we take the road less travelled to bring a selection of sought-after rarities and unreleased gems that perfectly reflect the era. This is soul music for the true connoisseur.


1. Mississippi Mud - Smithstonian
2. I Can't Tell No Difference - David Porter
3. Two Paces Ahead Of Love - Willie Walker
4. Pullin' - Minits
5. Strange Things - Art Jerry Miller
6. Shake - Ovations
7. No Ending - Stacy Lane
8. Tip Toeing - Alvin Cash
9. It's Bump Time - Gene 'Bowlegs' Miller
10. Blackrock Yeah Yeah - Blackrock
11. Keep The Faith - Mel & Tim
12. Who's Been Warming My Oven - Sir Walter
13. Come What May - John Gary Williams
14. Watchdog - Barbara & The Browns
15. Way Of Me - Kannon
16. Don't Boom Boom - Lillian Hale
17. Take A Giant Step - LaCleve Milon
18. Papa Killed A Chicken -Willie Toliver
19. Hard Times - Cee, Billy & Freedom Express
20. Dig It (She's In The Groove) - Optimistics



Sly Hoax said...

Checking it out, fingers crossed- Otis casts a big shadow!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying this one - Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great collection! My first from this site. Some amazing tracks.

somogyvari said...

Oh yes! Love it!

Anonymous said...

great stuff. thanx