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Supafunkanova - Badass Funk Classics from the Disco Boogie Era Compiled by DJs Joey Negro And Sean P

What an incredible dose of boogie ghetto-style funk jams and spacey soul grooves from the original backstreet 12's! This 2 disc compilation is filled with fat basslines, funky drums, squelching synths and floor shaking rare groovers from the late 70s and early 80s. Joey Negro and Sean P are master compilers of rare funk & soul, and Supafunkanova is right up there with their best work. Totally incredible stuff from those magic years when the sophisticated sheen of the disco era was being combined with the grittier funk of earlier years.

Disc: 1
1. Silver Lining - Silver Lining
2. Funky Nassau - Munnings, Ray
3. Study - Gaymon, J. Gayle
4. Funk Affair - Standing Room Only
5. Tighten It Up - BLT
6. Bottom Line - South Bronx
7. Got The Feelin' - Hypertension (1)
8. Love Begins With You - Foreal People
9. Good Feeling - Pike
10. Powerfunk - Powerband
11. Freak Unique - Natures Creation

Disc: 2
1. Release - Expressions (3)
2. I'm The One - Pharr, Marcia
3. West Coast Drive - VIP Connection
4. Party Is The Solution - Beck, Floyd
5. Hang With Gang - Backlash (3)
6. Clap Song - Pied Pier Of Funkingham
7. Welcome Home - Legacy (1)
8. Trouble Man - Cole, Jackie
9. Reach Out (And Touch Someone) - Leprechaun
10. Feel The Beat - Adams, Johnny
11. Gigolette - Jahneen



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This looks like a seriously solid collection of funk! Thanks

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