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Julius Brockington - Sophisticated Funk

"As the music spectrum revolves around the world, colors brighten. Turning and circling, warmth increases as the communications increase. Sesitivity and attraction to the human ear is important to those who have a genuine appreciation for music. The organ is one instrument which is used to emcompass you - the everyday people. Sit back, relax with a glass of wine, and hear what is meant by "Sophisticated Funk"."
-Dede Dabney
R&B Editor of record world magazine

Julius brockington was an early 70s figure who not only cut some wild keyboard funk, but was also head of the A & R Department for Perceptions Today Records in New York City. "Sophisticated Funk" is the first of three albums from this proficient musician.

1) Let`s Stay Together
2) Rock Steady
3) Since I Fell For You
4) Cold Water
5) If You Really Love Me
6) Old Fashion Love Song
7) Got To Be There
8) Do You Thing


The Brockingtons - The Brockingtons

Before doing a fair bit of gospel work in later years, Julius Brockington released an extremely rare early 70s soul / funk album featuring his side group and arrangements by a young Patrick Adams (later of P&P etc). Eight good tracks with a range from smoochers to dancefloor groovers.

1) Never Forget Where You Came From
2) Love World
3) Smackwater Jack
4) Jeremiah
5) Please Come Back
6) Eye Doctor
7) Natural Woman
8) I Just got To Know
9) Pretty Thing


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SCREECH! said...

OOOH! This is nice. Really tight arrangements. Great post.

Jacko said...

Great stuff here. You wouldn't happen to know the release year for the Brockingtons album, would you? Thanks for sharing.

jajaonan said...

This is a superb album and blog. Thanks for being there!

I have just created a blog also - it is a forum for discussion on Fave albums - at the moment i am doing just funk. Come along