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Soul Breaks Vol 1. - 19 soulful breaks, grooves, and samples compiled by TheFifthMicrophone

1. The Rill Thing (Excerpt) - Little Richard
2. Put Your Weight On It - Filmore Street Soul Rebellion
3. It's So Different Here - Rachel Sweet
4. Ocean Of Thoughts and Dreams - The Dramatics
5. I Believe To My Soul - Juniour Mance
6. I Get High (On Your Memory) - Freda Payne
7. We've Only Just Begun - O'Donnell Levy
8. Got To Go - Damn
9. Let The Dollar Circulate - Billy Paul
10. Wenn Der Urlaub Kommt - Manfred Krug
11. Bubble Gum - The 9th Creation
12. Brothers & Sisters - Unknown
13. Carry On - Bobby Caldwell
14. Stares And Whispers - Freda Payne
15. Loving's What We Should Do - Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens Band
16. Belle De Jour - Saint Tropez
17. Signal Your Intentions - Hodges, James, & Smith
18. Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song) - Chic
19. Deliverance - Space



Ominous Red said...

I was going through my blog roll to thank all the dope bloggers that post links to rare audio. They come in handy for dope vinyl for breaks for beats and remixes. This blog is easily the best blog for dope records. Thanks for taking the time to post the dopeness. All I have to share for now are remixes and beats until I finally get a Rapidshare account to post my vinyl conversions.


Trag said...

What a great compilation!!!!

STAXOWAX said...

Fabodacious! Great stuff.Not wanting to disrespect you but a few of the tracks are Itunes DRMed to your computer so need a password. Other than that, keep up the good work.

©                                                                                                                 said...

here is the rachael sweet track with unlocked DRM, enjoy.


Sevefunk said...

Great blog, grettings from Spain

Anonymous said...

What's the fucking point in sharing when there password protected??

Milind said...

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