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The Wants List -- 17 Soulful Rare Grooves

The "wants list" is that crumpled piece of paper that nearly every record collector carries around with them, a listing of very hard to find recordings that they're always trying to track down. Groovy, mellow soul with great breaks, compiled by independent British record store Skratch Music House. A good description as well as track info and album notes can be found here at Soul Brother Records.


Touch Me Take Me - Rita Wright
Light My Fire - Erma Franklin
This Feeling's Rated X-Tra -Carl Carlton
One Girl Too Late - Brenda & The Tabulations
Let Me Be - The Duncans
Mon Belle Amour - Ann Pebbles
I Think I'm Falling In Love With You - Natural High
I Just Got To Know - Bennie Johnson
City Of Brotherly Love - Soul Survivors
I'm Always Dancing To The Music - Benny Golson
Making Love - Lou Ragland & GLO
Hearts & Flowers - GC Cameron
Beware - Lou Courtney


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truelivin said...

Great post, because I know I have little pieces of paper all over the place with songs I'm trying to track down. None of the titles look familiar, but I dont think I can go wrong with a wish list.
Thans a Mil!

Mark S. said...

do you have anymore of these?

©                                                                                                                 said...

its unfortunately unavailable at the moment, vol 2 & 3 will be uploaded in the future.

s o l e p o w e r said...


just magnastic....thats all I can possibleh say.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man. Keep up the good work.

let the music play said...

great album well put together track 9 and 10 i keep replaying thanks love your blog

Olli said...

Can you help me with expanding this? I think the problem is the password.. I tried 'thefifthmicrophone.blogspot.com' but it doesnt work, with any password it only expands the folder but no files and brings error.

Thanks, great blog here!!

©                                                                                                                 said...

olli, the only advice i can think of is to try manually typing the password instead of copy & paste.

Anonymous said...

anychance of a re-up of this without the passowrd, having problems with the password, thanks