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Disco Demands Volume One - A Collection of rare 1970s dance music

Never before heard underground disco! Disco Demands is a well-preserved collection of funky, club gems from 1970s New York and Chicago. Tracked by both djs and disco fans alike, this compilation of 7"s and 12"s are guaranteed to please.


1 Mr. Q - Party Party
2 Quango - Soljering On
3 Harold Butler & The Connection - Gold Connection
4 Althea Forest & Togetherness - Hey Mister (Instrumental)
5 The Sandpebbles of Barbados - Suntan
6 The Chocolate city Connection - Take The Music To The Party
7 Curtis - How Can I Tell Her (12 Inch Mix)
8 Puff - In The Mood
9 J.D.V. and Friends - Disco Beat
10 Frequency - Loosen Up
11 OMNI - Disco Socks(Al's Instrumental Edit)



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Anonymous said...

That's great with classical grooves! LOL

Robert said...

Thanks for the excellent vintage disco. This mid-1970's small-label type stuff is my favorite kind of disco. Adventurous, earthy and so groovy.

Thanks again!

Eric Karvelli aka Chi-Town Slick said...

This is great! This is that Chicago shit!!! Thanks!