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Living in the Streets 3: busting out of the ghetto

What a good collection of gems from various small labelst. Living in the Streets volume 3 is a really hard and heavy batch of rare funk tunes, that pushes past the cliches of the title to come up with an all-solid batch of tracks that's sure to please any fan of deep jazz funk.

Here it is all wrapped up together with a sound that never lets up.


1. Bustin' Outta The Ghetto - Carlos Malcolm
2. I'm A Good Woman - The Generation
3. O Baby (I Believe I'm Losing You) - Billy Hawks
4. Dance Girl - The Mighty Tom Cats
5. You Gotta Believe - The Fatback Band
6. Soul Makossa - The Mighty Tom Cats
7. Vicious Rap - Tanya Winley
8. Mary Jane - Bobby Rush
9. Truth Shall Make You Free, The - King Hannibal
10. Peace, Love Not War - Johnny King/The Fatback Band
11. Starvin' - Winfield Parker
12. He Called Me Baby - Spanky Wilson
13. Seeds Of Life, The - East LA Car Pool
14. Viva! (Viva Tirado) - Jade
15. I've Known Rivers - Gary Bartz
16. I'm Wishin' - Lorez Alexandria
17. Feeling Good - Pat Bowie/Charles McPherson

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axissixa said...

looks promising...but I keep getting a "format error" when I try to expand the file...

©                                                                                                                 said...

after 200+ downloads, the only comment is one reporting that the file is broken. Has anyone else encountered this problem? axissixa, I'm unsure of the solution, but note this particullar .rar isn't compressed, it just stores the mp3s similar to how a folder would; hence there should be no expand...

axissixa said...

Thanks for the follow up...Stuffit Expander couldn't handle it but unRarX did.

Hey I have some psychedelic funk/soul mixes I'd like you to have...they were a post on lost-in-tyme just before it disappeared. I mixed them with sound samples and effects and cover art...enjoy.

Stankadelic Shit:

Return of the Stank:

Thanks for all your great work.


©                                                                                                                 said...

Fantastic mixes! The mandrill tracks are excellent and Funkadelic is a personal favorite. Axissixa, thanks for looking out!

axissixa said...

You got it...glad you're feeling these.

SCREECH! said...

No probs DLing the file. Gonna check out the other mixes now. Thanks for all the hard work. You site surely has "Funkafied" my life with classics like these.

Anonymous said...

im having the same problems expanding it

©                                                                                                                 said...

the problem is with program you are using to "unrar". We use Winrar to compress all files, hence Winrar should work for decompressing. Also, apparently unRarX will work...try using google to search for both...hope this helps.