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Visions of paradise - Benny Johnson

This is a first time reissue on any format anywhere in the world for this heavily demanded indie soul album from 1973! Visions of paradise is the only album by vocalist Benny Johnson, recorded with some totally great backings from funk legend Julius Brockington and his United Chair combo. For the session, Brockington chose a warm, organ-drenched sound that's a fair bit like some of the best work coming out of Hi Records at the same time, although without as much of a southern soul approach overall. Johnson's vocals have a beautifully crackling Al Green or Barry White sort of quality, one that's honest and human, but still smooth enough to fit the mode of the music. The set's got some excellent mellow soul numbers that are worth the price of admission alone. Tracks slide out beautifully with a really gentle sound, and bubble up with a tremendous amount of soul. But there's also some fuller, more upbeat tunes too, groovers that have made the album a favorite overseas for years. This very hard to find and in demand vinyl fetches almost ₤200 at auctions...thanks to Soul Brother for releasing this album!


1. Visions Of Paradise
2. Absolutely Positively Baby
3. Baby I Love You
4. Stop Me
5. Give It Up
6. Second To None
7. Won't You Stay
8. It's Yours Baby
9. Please Come Back
10. I Just Got To Know



soulbrotha said...

Thank you very much! I look forward to hearing this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing this super fine soul album to me. Amazing blog. Keep it on.