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Fantastic funky grooves from the always on-target Jazzman vinyl 45s label. Don't take the "yet another" in the title as any lack of quality; this set's a great batch of super-rare groovers, put together with an incredible array of styles. The set compiles a dozen singles issued on the label over the past few years. Older tracks reissued properly, and presented here.


01 That's What Friends Are For - Madeline Bell
02 I Can't Keep from Crying Sometimes - The Dierdre Wilson Tabac
03 Zozoi - France Gall
04 Black Out - Wess and the Airedales
05 Return of the Prodigal Son - Byrdie Green
06 Shady Blues - Lee Mason
07 Funkier Than a Mosquito's Tweeter - Nina Simone
08 The Church Is Within Us, Oh Lord - Kent Schneider
09 Why Don't You Do Right - Mark Murphy
10 Tema de Soninha - IRP-3
11 The Hustler - Gordon Beck
12 Poltergeist - Nino Nardini


Soul Solo is a project aimed at publishing mixes and compilations of rare, quality music, centered especially on the jazz fusion/ethnic/electro-funk/disco lounge genres.


Detroit Soul: Real Soul Music From The Motor City

Detroit Soul is firmly back on the map. Years after Motown, years after Techno, the motor city is humming again with some of the best underground soul in the US. This excellent set does a great job of pulling together the rich range of current work from Detroit. Moving slightly past hip hop and dancefloor, tracks to go for the mellower, more neo soulful work. The sound of the set is wonderful, chilled out, not in a lazy way, but with a soulful vibe that takes us back to the days of Stevie and Syreeta. 11 cuts on 2LPs now available here.


1. Welcome
2. Truth - Dwele
3. You - Bubz Fiddler
4. Open Your Eyes - Platinum Pied Pipers
5. Inside - Malik Alston, John Arnold
6. Think Twice - The Detroit Experiment
7. Red
8. Feeling of Love
9. People Make the World Go Round [J88 Remix/Benji B Edit] - Innerzone Orchestra
10. Contentment in Humidity - Al Syzmanski
11. Brazliian Groove
12. Burning Brightly - Ayro
13. Tainted - Dwele,
14. Loveliest - Athletic Mic League
15. Coming Up for Air - George Katsiris
16. Goodbye

First and second volume of DJs from Reggae's legendary 'University of Reggae', Studio One Records. These collections feature super-rare tracks from the finest DJ greats ever to record in Jamaica:

Track Listing

1. More Scorcha -- Count Machuki
2. Rockfort Shock -- Prince Francis
3. Power Version -- Dennis Alcapone
4. Natty Kung Fu -- Dillinger
5. Man of Creation -- Jah Scotchie
6. Seen Him -- Jim Brown
7. Love in the Arena -- Jah Buzz
8. Street Doctor -- Prince Francis
9. The Answer -- Lone Ranger
10. Crime Don't Pay -- Prince Jazzbo
11. Every Man a Me Brethren -- Brigadier Jerry
12. Version of Rights -- Big Joe
13. The Big Match -- Lone Ranger
14. Warning -- Jah Jesco
15. Natty Farmyard -- Prince Far I
16. Father and Dreadlocks -- Charlie Ace & Dread Locks

Tracklisting :

01. Dennis Alcapone - Fever Teaser
02. Prince Jazzbo - Pepper Rock
03. Carey Johnson - Correction Train
04. Bobby Jackie & Soul Defenders - Reggae Wiggle
05. Prince Francis - Ethiopia
06. Brigadier Jerry - Ram Dance Master
07. King Stitt - No Man Version
08. Little Joe - Gun Court
09. Prince Jazzbo - Crab Walking (discomix)
10. Lone Ranger - Tribute To Bob Marley
11. Soul Vendors - Whip Time
12. Prince Francis - Rocking Machine
13. King Cry Cry - I Had A Talk
14. Jim Brown - Clippin
15. Jah Jesco - West Gone Black
16. Big Joe - Get Out Bald Head
17. Dennis Alcapone - Home Version
18. Lone Ranger - Keep On Coming A The Dance

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