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BOMB HIP HOP - Return of the DJ Vol. 1

1. Death of Hip Hop - Kool DJ Eq
2. Ghetto on the Cut - DJ Ghetto
3. Rob Get's Busy - Rob Swift
4. The Bomb Drops - Rob Swift
5. Scratch Monopoly, Pt 2 - Jeep Beat Collective
6. Invasion of the Octopus People - Invisibl Skratch Piklz/Disk/Q-Bert/Shortkut
7. U Can Get With Discs or You Can Get With D.A.T. - DJ Z-Trip
8. The Chronicles (I Will Always Love H.E.R.) - Peanut Butter Wolf
9. Terrorwrist (Beneath the Under) - Mix Master Mike
10. The Track - DJ Aladin/DJ Honda/DJ Yutaka
11. Lesson 4: The Radio - Cut Chemist
12. Suckas (Sucka DJ Dis) - DJ Babu

Download Return of the DJ, Vol. 1

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