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One of the best funky comps on the Soul Patrol label, and it's got a totally great set of hard funky tracks -- of the deep funk variety that always gets a compilation moving! As usual, you probably won't find many of these on any other compilation -- and the set itself is a motherlode of hard drums, blaring horns, and rumbling funky basslines. Vocals and instrumentals mix it up in a very nice way -- and tracks include "Trespasser" by Bad Medicine, "Just Plain Funk" by James Polk, "Hung Up" by Salt, "Stay Together" by Soul Excitement, "Can You Handle It" by The Intensions, "Funky Penguin" by Dennis Lee & The Notables, "Can't Buy Soul" by Hebrew Rogers, and "Mr. Machine" by The Chefs!


Immortal Soul of Al Green
4 Disc Boxset



by request:
Soul Sisters Collection

Funky female soul galore; a killer set of rare tunes that's one of the best sets of this type we've ever uploaded! The SuperFunk crew at BGP have gone through the rich array of labels handled by the company, pulling out some massive tunes that really push our understanding of female soul. Most of the tunes on the set are completely new to most ears, and there's a great mix of northern and southern funk styles that keeps things super-fresh. Drums crackle, basslines pound, and the gals belt it out loud, clear, and funky on a set of 20 amazing tracks.


This set's a brilliant follow-up to the first Funk Soul Sisters set on BGP. There's a depth here that goes way past the obvious; a love of bad-rapping funky female soul that digs deeper, and comes up with some key gems that explode cliches and really expand our love of the music. Titles include both rare album and single tracks pulled from a variety of American indies of the late 60s and early 70s, and although many are by familiar artists, they offer up a side of their talents you really wouldn't expect.


Probably the best in the series, a great amalgamation of Funk, Northern Soul and Rare Bar Groove. The soul sisters on this album sing from the heart and shoot from the hit. True masterpieces from heroines of R&B.


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