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The Drop Vol 1.: Soul Jazz Breaks Compiled by TheFifthMicrophone


Streetwwalker - Jan Akkerman
I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby - Kellee Patterson
Slick Cat - Joe Pass & Carol Kaye
Sunshine Star - Open Sky Unit
Look Alike - Bob James
Second To None - Atlantic Starr
Try To Get Next To You - Arnold Blair
Spend It On Love - Side Effect
Thunderkiss - Toshiyuki Honda
Hula Rock - Lew Howard & All Stars
I Feel So At Home - Michael Wylie
Midnight Lovers - Passion
Silly Wasn't I - Valerie Simpson
The Klan - Gil Scott-Heron
Feelin' Good - Lynn Marino
Ninety-Nine and One Half - Fever Tree
Und Schön Ist Die Fahrt - Volker Kriegel
You're Gonna Make It - The Festivals
What's Your World - Leon Ware
Mister Bass Man - The Fatback Band
A Few More Kisses To Go - Isaac Hayes
We Almost Lost Detroit - Gil Scott-Heron
Unwanted Company - Jeannie Reynolds
School Boy Crush - Average White Band
Jungle Kitten - Manfredo Fest
Lovely Lady - Vernon Burch
Stop Me From Starting This Feeling - Lou Rawls



Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering what records do you have on your latest collection? I tried to seek the names from the album covers, but i didn't get them.

©                                                                                                                 said...

the songs on this compilation are my own findings of samples used by madvillain on his "madvillainy" album, "the wants list vol. 2", "jazz bizniz vol.2", and a rare mixtape from dj monkone, entitled "monk's dream", as well as a few obscure soul jazz tracks.

Sgt. Getraer said...

damn...who's on the cover of the Monk's Dream album???

Anonymous said...

aint thatchya moms, SGT?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the wicked breaks- your levels are way soft though- thanks still- Pico

Sgt. Getraer said...

I don't know who my real mom is, so you may be onto something. Thanks for bringing that up.

spazige said...

Fantastic blog and great music. I'm bipolar and in a stack of debt because of it, this is helping. Keepin my groovy innit just.