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Dj Kon & Amir - Off Track Vol 1: The Bronx

With 25 years experience of crate digging, we are sure you have heard one of the many valuable breaks that Kon & Amir have provided us. This is the first album of several on their new record deal with BBE.

Off Track is similar to the On Track series. It is not just a mixtape of breaks, but instead is a full track compilation of rare Funk, Soul, and Jazz vinyl gold.


CD1 - Mixed By Kon

  1. Homebrew - Once I had a Friend
  2. Garden Of Eden - Everybody's On A Trip
  3. Sundown - Spaced Outta Place Pt. 1 & 2
  4. Darryl Douglas - Holding On
  5. Quest - Boy Scouts
  6. S.T.U.D. Band - Success
  7. Masterforce - Don't Fight The Feeling
  8. Imp Express - 8-1
  9. Steel City Orchestra - Steel City Disco
  10. Jacqueline Dee & Johnnie Walker - Farewell To Welfare
  11. Larry Alltop And The Exciters Band - Dreamin A Dream
  12. Le Stim - Tribute To Muhammad Ali
  13. Jorge Santana - Darling I Love You
  14. Round Robin And Brimstone - Plenty Good Lovin'

CD2 - Mixed By Amir

  1. Pat Britt - Herman's Corner
  2. Horselmat - Right On
  3. Vincent Geminiani - Insideieusement Les Elfes
  4. The London Experimental Jazz Quartet - Destroy the Nihilist Picnic
  5. Zelia Barbosa - Opiniao06. Ex Pro Ovo - What's the Deal
  6. Gerry Olds Trio - Gerry's Samba0
  7. Sathima Bea Benjamin - Africa
  8. Marius Cultier - Nestor: Ti Patte
  9. The Ed Kelly Ensemble - Samba
  10. Melvyn Price - Voodoo Love Dance
  11. The Lamont Johnson Sextette - Aces
  12. Larry Nozero - Tune for L.N.
  13. Anita Moore And The TSU Jazz Ensemble - Compared to What?

Bonus Tracks (Available on lp)

  1. Adolphe Parillion - Country
  2. Quintette Guinenne - Douga
  3. Ted Coleman Band - Due Consideration
  4. Juan Demonio - Esto Me Gusto
  5. The Baron Von Ohlen Quartet - Tergiversation (The Whistle Song)
  6. Executive Suite - When It Comes to Loving Me
  7. Claudio Mederies - Soar
  8. Matthew Cassell - Heaven
  9. The Black Souls - Baki Mutane Nakuka (Black People Crying)

Download Part 1

Download Part 2


CosmoRetroIntroOutro said...

Thanks a lot for this one! I already ordered the vinyl edition...hardly can expect to spin Douga on one of my Jazz Evenings. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Great post, thanx !

CresceNet said...

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©                                                                                                                 said...

You are most welcome.

For those that are unfamiliar with "Douga" (such as we were):

...produced by obscure artist Quintette Guineenne on record label "Syliphone". Dating from Guinea's first few decades of independence, this track demonstrates the merging of older African roots and modern jazz music.

Either way, it is definitely a really groovy and rare track! And this compilation wouldn't be as good without all the bonus tracks ;)

Anonymous said...

Merci. Magnificent!

Anonymous said...


great Music, but can you please repost the mixes as one file without spaces

thanx ...

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this post. much appreciated.

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