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Black Music Explosion: Soul and Funk Classics from the Soulful 70's

What an album! A solid collection of rare, collectible and hit Northern Soul and Philly Sound.

Funk was a heavier, more radical expression for a time during the 70's when funk took soul, ripped it apart and put it back together - the wrong way around. It took the all-important beat and switched it from the up to the down, from the high hat to the bass-drum, from the 2nd and 4th beat to the 1st and the 3rd beat.
For a short, glorious time in the 70's, soul shook hands with funk and we all took notice...

Disc one:
1. Galaxy of Love - Crown Heights Affair
2. Suspicious Love - Jimmy James, The Vagabonds
3. Forget That Girl - Jeannie Napoli
4. What You Gave Up - The Continental IV
5. Never Get Enough of Your Love - The Street People
6. I'm Doin' Fine Now - New York City
7. Message to Mankind - Demon Fuzz
8. On the Real Side - Larry Saunders
9. You're My Number One - The Real Thing
10. Bring the Boys Home - Freda Payne
11. Want Ads - Honey Cone
12. Pay to the Piper - Chairmen of the Board
13. Westbound No. 9 - Flaming Ember
14. Crumbs Off the Table - The Glass House
15. You've Got to Crawl (Before You Walk) - 8th Day
16. Love Machine - The Politicians
17. 90 Day Freeze (On Her Love) - 100 Proof (Aged in Soul)
18. I Surrender - Zingara

Disc two:
1. Now Is the Time - Jimmy James, The Vagabonds
2. One Monkey Don't Stop No Show - Honey Cone
3. Going Back to My Roots - Lamont Dozier
4. I Shall Not Be Moved - Barrino Brothers
5. Highwire - Linda Carr,
6. Love Is Such a Good Thing
7. She's for Real - The Dynamics
8. Funky 8 Corners - Willie & the Mighty Magnificents
9. Love Factory - Eloise Laws
10. In the Bottle - Brother to Brother
11. Goin' to See My Baby - The Fatback Band
12. Take That to the Bank - Shalamar
13. You've Got a Lot to Give - Chocolate Syrup
14. I've Got the Need - The Moments
15. I've Got a Feeling - The Whispers
16. Reach Out - New York City
17. I'm on My Way to a Better Place - Chairmen of the Board
18. It Really Hurts Me Girl - Carstairs

*You will need both files to play. If you dig the content, leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this up!
Check this blog regularly and snag basically every one of these.

©                                                                                                                 said...

you are welcome!

Sly Hoax said...

Sweet. I love the blaxploitation music. A guilty pleasure, I guess!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

thank you. i love your blog

wiljello said...

thank you for the album of funky and historical music.

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Anonymous said...

this is great album!!

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