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Tender Feelin's : Silky cuts for cool cats, selected by Blue Note

Here's yet another bomb Blue Note record! Expect to hear: soul drenched funk and psycadelic blues releases from Jazz label Blue Note! This is definitely one of the better Blue Note selections...that thefifthmicrophone has heard so far.


1. Light My Fire -Minnie Riperton
2. Feel Like Makin' Love - Marlena Shaw
3. Mr And Mrs Jones - Ronnie Foster
4. I'm A Woman -Minnie Riperton
5. Doctor Doctor - Labi Siffre
6. Daylight - Bobby Womack
7. It's A Pleasure - Sheree Brown
8. While I'm Alone - Maze
9. Peace Of Mind - Gene Harris
10. Places And Spaces - Donald Byrd
11. I Love You - Taste Of Honey
12. Before You Break My Heart - Gene Dunlap
13. Three Is The Magic Number - Bob Dorough
14. Annie Mae - Natalie Cole
15. You Made Me So Very Happy - Lou Rawls
16. Love A Love A Love A Love A Love - Labi Siffre
17. Lover To Lover -Maxi Anderson


Owen said...

Definitely dig the blue note! Is there any way you could post the Maxi Anderson - Lover to Lover ? I was really looking forward to hearing it, bit it's not in the archive :(

danuta said...

Thanks for all this black music
thank you and have a nice WE

©                                                                                                                 said...

Thanks! We apoligize for listing Maxi Anderson as part of this compilation, because she infact does not appear on "Tender Feelin's". There possibly might be a Maxi Anderson post soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot man for this great music !!!