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Recently I came across a comp I've been hearing about: Funk Spectrum: Real funk for real people. The latter consists of 3 volumes, mixed by pete rock, keb dargie, dj shadow, and josh davis.

Upon first listening, I wasn't overly impressed, it struck me as an album with a few very good tracks, some decent tracks, and lots of "fillers". I decided to cut alot of the tracks, and post ones I felt had a really good quality and feel. The songs that were left are hard, groovy funk tracks, ones that a funk connoisseur, or dj will certainly appreciate.

Give the comps a listen and leave your comments.

Charles Pryor and Power of Love / What They Doing (Funkie Junkie)
The Chosen Few / We Are The Chosen Few
Cresa Watson / Dead
King Cain and Silvertone Band / Don't Give A Damn
Lee Dorsey / A Lover Was Born
Luther Davis Group / To Be Free
Onyx / Break it Loose (Part II)
Soulsistics / Jones 'N
Soulswingers / Ca'-Ba-Dab
The Stark Reality / Prelude To Say Brother
Baby Don't Cry / Third Guitar
BB King / Chains and Things
Betty Lavette / Let Me Down Easy
Bumpin' Bus Stop (Part One) / The Playboys
Color Blind / Frankie Beverly's Raw Soul
Contradiction / Total Experience
Disco Function / Rare Function
Don't Push Your Luck / The Peacemakers
Funky Washing Machine / World Wonders
Get It Off The Ground / Joe Coleman
Give Up The Funk / Pleasure Seekers
Grand Funk Railroad / Nothings The Same
I Got Some / Billy Gardener
I Turn You On / Latin Breed
Soul Food / Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders
U.F.O. / Mickey & Them
Undiscovered Break / Undiscovered Break
Communicators & Black Experience Band - The Road
Deep Heat - Do It Again
Fabulous Originals - It Ain't Fun But It's Fun
Lou Pride - It's A Man's World
The Masters - Part Time
Milly & Silly - Getting Down For Xmas
Mr Clean & The Soul Inc. - Whats Going On?
Mr Magic - Can't Stop Now
Professor Leit & Strudy - We Oughta Get Together
Ricky Caloway - Tell Me
Roadrunners - Every Man For Himself
The US - Lets Do It Today (Procrastination)
4th Coming - The Dead Dont Die Alive (Part One)

part one
part two
part three


Sly Hoax said...

looks good- can't wait to dig in... thanks!

Bill said...

Thanks for sharing the 3 Funk albums!