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"Keep Funk Alive!", an eclectic mixtape brought to us by DJ Chak, a soul/funk/jazz Dj situated in Russia. Recorded in 2002 at home on two 1210 turntables & vestax 06 mixer, one take. 2000 copies of this official CD release totally sold out long time ago, it was really difficult to get a hold of. Enjoy!

Part 1
The Mohawks "Beat Me Till I'm Blue"
Zacks Nkosi "Half 'n' Half"
Oneness of Juju "African Rhythms"
Funky Drummer (beats)
James Brown "Stone to the Bone
C.Case & A.Cooper "Tales of the stolen Funk..."
James Brown "Givin' up Food for Funk"
Super Fat Originals - promo (bootleg)
Soul Drums Vol.3 "Lancing"
Super Fat Originals - promo (bootleg)
Kool & The Gang - promo (bootleg)
The Mohawks "Champ"
Yellow Sunshine "Yellow Sunshine"
Breakestra "Hampy Dump"
Breakestra "The Live mix pt.2"
Manfred Krug "Wenn Der Urlaub Kommt"

Part 2
Lalo Schifrin "Tabu"
Cedar Walton "Jacob's Ladder"
Barry White "Strange Games
Unknown "Don't Stop Ever Lovin' me" (bootleg)
Unknown Instrumental (bootleg)
Unknown "No Fire is to Hot No Snow is to Cold" (bootleg)
Sly Stone "Rock Dirge"
Patsy Gallant "It'll All Come Around"
Barry White "Strange Games & Things" (long version)
Funk Factory "Rien Ne Va Plus"
Barbara Mason "A God Man is Gone"
Janco Nilovic "Supa Pop Impression"
Sammy Nestico "Shore Line Drive"



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Is there any chance of a re-up on the Dj Chak?

Loving this blog man, so much!!!

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Please Re-up the Chak meister, had a HD crash, Loved this Album....

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Thank you...OOps to late

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Great blog... Youre tha teacher.

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