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Outkast ATLiens

"TheFifthMicrophone"© voted best Outkast album

Outkast - Stankonia

Pete Rock/CL Smooth - The Soul Brother


45 King - Yellow

Mark James aka “The 45 King”, is a name synonymous with great music. He has produced for the likes of Jay Z, Eminem, Queen Latifah and many others. This pioneer producer was ahead of his time with the beats he was making and this led to him working outside the field of hip hop - 45 King was the first producer to work with pop artists like Madonna and Lisa Stansfield. After seeing the ups and downs of success, including drugs, he cleaned himself up and started working again, releasing breakbeat records and the famous “Beat Of The Month” record. He produced Jay Z’s 1998 hit ‘Hard Knock Life’, and Emimen’s 2000 hit ‘Stan’.


45 King - The 900 Number EP


Special Ed - Youngest In Charge

In 1989, at the tender age of 16, Brooklynite Special Ed burst on the scene with enough talent and swagger to stake his claim among hip-hop's big boys. For Special Ed, M.C. stands for master of cleverness, and Youngest In Charge is replete with it. The gifted manchild boasts a versatile repertoire, using various lyrical styles and rhymes spiked with punchlines and metaphors that indicate wisdom beyond his 16 years. The meat of the album lies in its first three tracks. The opening cut, "Taxing," is Ed's coming-out party as he kicks entertaining verses over a slickly produced, squealing guitar-riff-laced track produced by Howie Tee. The following track is a masterpiece, Ed's claim to hip-hop immortality, "I Got It Made." It's four-plus minutes of artful arrogance, an instant hip-hop classic and anthem for all precocious hip-hop-heads of the era. To round out the trio came "I'm the Magnificent," a continuation of Ed's bragging rights over a sample from "Shantytown" (off Jimmy Cliff's The Harder They Come soundtrack). Because the first three tracks are so stellar, the rest of the album seems to be something of an afterthought; however, the remainder of the album does contain a few jewels. "The Bush," Ed's ode to his stomping grounds of Flatbush, features a sample of Al Green's "Love and Happiness," while "Think About It" is Ed's warning to those who wish to test his supremacy on the mic. On "Heds and Dreds," Ed flips a dancehall cadence to show his West Indian heritage. Youngest In Charge is a delightful release from a young hip-hop pioneer, a demonstration of the Edenic age of hip-hop when youthful exuberance and expression were highly valued


DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat Single (7 rmx)


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Anonymous said...

I'm lovin the blog man...so much dope music...i had a question though? Are you ever gonna hit up some James Brown...breaks like "More Peas" and stuff he did with the JB's? Specifically, the album "Doing It To Death" ? Aight peace.


C & Ras John said...

Good to hear! I will upload some James Brown within the next week