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5th Dimension - Earthbound (1975)

Earthbound is the twelfth album by the group "The Fifth Dimension", who were known for their Pop hits (aquarius/let the sunshine in). This is the last album to feature the group's original line up. Released originally as a lp on the label "ABC Records", the album remains the only one from the original 5th lineup not yet released on CD. While this album was not commercially successful, it remains a cult favorite among many 5th Dimension fans who consider it among their best work. Earthbound best showcases the easy jazz and psychedelic soul of this interesting group. Ripped at 256kbps.

1. Prologue
2. Don't Stop For Nothing
3. I've Got a Feeling
4. Magic in My Life
5. Walk Your Feet in the Sunshine
6. When Did I Lose Your Love
7. Lean On Me Always
8. Speaking With My Heart
9. Moonlight Mile
10. Epilogue



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sweet music thanks...!