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Instant Funk - Instant Funk

Instant Funk, also known as The Music Machiene, were originally back up singers for Lou Rawls, Loletta Holloway, The O'Jays, MFSB, Curtis Mayfield, and Evelyn Champagne King. After MFSB, Instant Funk were probably the second most famous backing group from the Philly scene. This album is their second, and although it has enough funky disco breaks, there are a few goofy numbers that should be avoided.

1. I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl)
2. Crying
3. Never Let It Go Away
4. Don't You Wanna Party
5. Wide World Of Sports
6. Dark Vader
7. You Say You Want Me To Stay
8. I'll Be Doggone


Freddie Robinson - Off the cuff

We've heard Freddie Robinson...and this is "hands down" the best album of his. Freddie Robinson is well known among both Blues fans and Jazz, however, during the early 70s, Freddie cut some monster solo funky recordings for Stax, recordings that had a bluesy guitar in the middle, and a nice funky rhythm backing the soulful lyrics. This album best showcases his talent.



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This is one great album. THanks so much for sharing.

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