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Rare funk liberation : a seriously rare set

This is a monster batch of lost funky 45s put together with the kind of sound you'd expect from Goldmine, purveyors of funky madness comps like The Sound Of Funk and Fantastic Funk. This one's got an especially good batch of tracks, with a huge bunch of stone cold cuts that have never appeared on other funk compilations. There's lots of heavy guitars on this one, and many tracks are instrumental, with a very fast, hard-wailing groove.


1. Good Things - Pearl Dowell
2. Road - Communicators & Black Experiences Band
3. You Got It All, Ain't No More - The Blenders
4. Soul Charge, Pt. 1-2 - James Fountain, Soul Chargers
5. Bull Is Coming - Lee Fields, Lee Fields & The Devil's Personal Band
6. Strike - Union
7. Wind - Little Eva
8. Wobble Legs [Instrumental] - Tommy Dark
9. I'm Gonna Get Your Thing (Get You) - Lee Harris
10. Screwdriver - Larry and the Zodiacs
11. Soul Power, Pt. 2 - Busey's Soulblenders
12. Electric Twist - Michael Jay
13. Ghet-to Funk - Duralcha,
14. Peace Still Is With Us - Apollos Show Band
15. D Minor Vamp - Yesterday Today and Tomorrow
16. First Thing I Do in the Morning - Joyce Williams
17. Easy Mover - Brenda Lee Jones, London Fog,
18. Not by Bread Alone - Kim Tomango

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Justus Frank said...

Oh my god, that's fantastic!!! You really make me a happy man. Right on!