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World Psychedelic Classics 3: The Funky Fuzzy Sounds of West Africa ~ Love's a Real Thing

What an amazing, far-out listen! A really mind-bending collection of African grooves, one that digs deep into the West African scene of the early 70s and comes up with a massive batch of tunes that really opens up our understanding of the music. The sound here isn't just 70s Afro Funk, the tunes include a range of tripped-out styles that make the best use of guitar, psychedelic production, and important influences from American soul artists at the time. The sound is chromatically complex while also being tripped-out and funky, in a way that complicates the rhythms without totally taking them apart. If you've dug the tunes on previous sets like Africa Funk or Ghana Soundz, this is one to take that sound to the next level and really open up your ears.


Therese said...

Just wanted to share with you that there is a free track by the best psychedelica at Calabash Music.

Delve into West Africa's decade-delayed funky polyrhythmic take on psychedelia. From the Gold Coast to Cameroon, traversing the territory of Jimi Hendrix and James Brown.

Check this out you guys!! Its Awesome!!

World Psychedelic Classics and the song: Zinabu!! Get it here!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the share - really looking forward to hearing this.