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Keite Young -- Rise and Fall of Keite Young

This album is simply too good to be posted on just one music blog. So good infact, that it is "FifthMicrophone" considered best release of the year. The following excerpt is taken from thefifthmicrophone's sister blog:
Soul'd Out

"In a crowd, he'd be easy to spot: the one standing just apart from the pack, inquisitive and meditative, his quiet interrupted by his own deafening thoughts. Such is the music of Keite Young. A grandson of blues guitarist "Big Daddy Young", Young cleverly chronicles life's yin and yang, the good and the bad, sanctified and irreverent. He lives it; as a young man, he often exudes the wistful contemplation of an old soul whoose humble ambition is to communicate to the masses; and as an ordained minister since age 15, Young makes music that often stirs both the spirit and flesh.

When asked what musician(s) have influenced him, Young lists a fairly diverse style of groups: Led Zeppelin, Sly & the Family Stone, AC-DC, Howlin' Wolf, Parliament Funkadelic, Al Green, and the Beatles. His debut album, "The Rise and Fall of Keite Young" contains such a vast difference in genres of music; each song has a sound ranging from funk, soul, rock, blues, to gospel, and in every song he manages to fuse styles together, thus producing a smooth, funky laid back groove.

Upon listening to the album, Keite strikes me as someone who could be referred to as the next Sly Stone. A gritty voice, talented on different instruments, and weird, funky lyrics;

"if we were alone/i would kiss you on your lips/and on your ear/baby we could make love from the chandelier"

This album was originally due to be released in early July, but the date got pushed back to August 28th, with a few early copies sliding out of the hands of Hidden Beach Recordings. Unfortunately the album will be a bit difficult to find in your average music store, however the album will be available for purchase online.

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