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I've featured 1 of 3 BOCA 45 albums sometime around the start of this blog, here is yet another:

BOCA 45 has two passions, football and music, more specifically turntableism. He is 'Boca' after the Argentinean football team: Boca Juniors, and '45' after the revolutions per minute that his beloved slabs of wax make on the turntable.

Boca 45, aka Scott Hendy from Dynamo Productions drops one of his best productions to date. ”Pitch Sounds” is his debut full-length album. Hendy has toured Australia, Europe and the USA extensively as part of Dynamo Productions, having previously worked with Andy Smith of Portishead. He delivers dance floor shaking sets which take in hip-hop beats cut with classic rock & acappellas scratched over long-forgotten funk breaks. The result is a really catchy, funky cool sound. The album is out on Grand Central Records only in the UK.

If you are into Moloko, Kelis, Groove Armada, De La Soul, Morcheeba, DJ Format, Fatboy Slim, Groove Armada, Basement Jaxx, Cut Chemist, and Krafty Kuts, or Kid Koala, then you should definately be checking Boca 45’s “Pitch Sounds”


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thx very much, LOVE the Bocca sound and though they are not that old they are hard to find.

Just 1 to go AWSOME!

Thx again D.C.