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Devin The Dude is a Dirty South underground legend. Appearing on such classics as Scarface's F. Friends and Dr. Dre's F. You...Devin has never been outshined. This album sounds high. It is so free flowing and laid back...you can let it play right through. There are no upbeat uptempo tracks no sir. I believe you have to be pretty laid back as a person to truly appreciate this album. Devin's rhyme style is humorous at times and he tells stories most of the album. His voice is better than most with his slow smooth talk/rap over smooth beats. He shows he can get down with some of the best on Some Of Em with Xzibit and Nas. Just Trying Ta Live just makes you say ahhhhhh....I mean there's really not much to explain about it. This album is easily one of the years best and you should definitely check it out.

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