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Azymuth Remastered & Remixes

A beautifully remastered version of the first album by Azymuth presented here with a full bonus CD of new remix tracks! The core album is one of the sweetest electric records to come from 70s Brazil; the fabulous first effort from the Azymuth trio, and work that's hardly been matched again. Although the group here have plenty of the warm keyboard touches of their more famous later work, they're also moving in territory that's a bit more abstract as well, using some noisier electronics amidst the smoother ones, to create a style that's somewhere between fusion, electric funk, and some of the more soaring Brazilian rhythms of the post-bossa years. There's more than a few great breaks and samples on the set that ticks all the buttons as a classic package that should appeal to fans of jazz/hip hop and new jazz.


CD 1
01 Linha Do Horizonte
02 Melô Dos Dois Bicudos
03 Brazil
04 Seems Like This
05 Caça A Raposa
06 Estrada Dos Deuses
07 Wait For My Turn
08 Montreal City
09 Morning
10 Periscópio

CD 2
01 Melô Dos Dois Bicudos (Harmonic 313 Re-Edit)
02 Wait For My Turn (Spiritual South Remix)
03 Linha Do Horizonte (Mr Beatnick Remix)
04 Montreal City (Volcov Re-Edit)
05 Estrada Dos Deuses (Recloose Re-Edit)
06 Seems Like This (As One Remix)
07 Periscópio (Marc Mac for 4hero Re-Edit)
08 Morning (Peanut Butter Wolf Re-Edit)
09 Caca A Raposa (DJ Venom Re-Edit)
10 Linha Do Horizonte (Kashmeer Brothers Remix)
11 Wait For My Turn (Yam Who Remix)


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