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Shaolin Soul Vol. 1 & 2

Cd One
Cd Two (1)
Cd Two (2)

steve harvey - everyday people project

A sublime set of contemporary soul headed up by drummer/producer Steve Harvey, and featuring vocals by a host of great guests (notably the upcoming artist Kiete Young). Steve's been kicking things up strongly on the west coast for a number of years lending his talents in the studio to some great soul projects for artists young and old, and always bringing a deeply soulful vibe to the table; one that mixes old school roots with the best modes of the current Neo Soul scene, a sound that's especially great. This is a really great record that showcases the soulful, unified groove mode he's building with his own "Everyday People group".


1. I Can't Let You Go feat. Ledisi
2. Where Has the Love Gone
3. Stay with Me
4. That's the Way feat. Rahsaan Patterson
5. Keep My Name Out Your Mouth
6. Troubled Times feat. Linn Segolson
7. Time Brings a Change feat. Keite Young
8. I Can't Leave You Alone
9. Shake It Off
10. If We Were Alone feat. Keite Young



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apparently i need a password for Shaolin_Soul-Episode_1
what is it?
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cha-nese said...

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Members: C & Ras John said...

sorry, the password is "SaravaClub".

Umberto said...

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