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Kid Koala - Your Mom's Favorite DJ

Download Your Mom's Favorite DJ

NOW this is more like the Ninja release of days gone by – slick beats, some serious funk and a DJ who mixes the eccentric with the downright cool!

Kid Koala, aka Eric San, is one of the label’s most distinct and essential artists. Previous DJ masterclasses have included Scratchcratchratchatch, not to mention Scratch Happy Land and Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs.

His third album Your Mom’s Favourite DJ is a slick collection of romance, silent movie comedy and swing that your mother may well raise a smile at, woven together with classic hip-hop beats, breaks and general swathes of heavy guitars.

Occasionally, it contains a classic Motown feel, while at other times there’s nods to Northern Soul; ‘70s rock grooves trade places with cinematic interludes, while the various samples and cartoon flourishes merely add a unique glow that ensures the LP shines just as brightly as Kid Koala’s previous efforts.

What’s more, it draws on many of Eric’s own influences and his work as an illustrator, graphic artist, filmmaker, puppet master and musician.

Throughout, there are references to a book about a clarinet-playing mosquito that Eric is currently working on, plus to the musical puppet show he has in development.

And there are also some tests for a new group called Slew.

If that suggests Eric has become a little side-tracked, or is stretching his talent a tad too far, then don’t worry – the mix is seamless.

The beats are genuinely hip-shaking, the comedy as funny as hell and the breakdowns, mixing and turntabling as effortless and hip as they’ve always been.

So kick back or get your dancing shoes on and let Kid Koala seriously entertain you. This is 34 minutes of pure class that one wishes could only last longer!

1 comment:

Screech said...

Thanks for the Koala! His best yet, but I say that about every new release he puts out. Can't wait to check out his other ventures like the puppet show etc. What about some other stuff from Nina Tune? They have an extensive catalog of funky, groovy artists.

P.S. Thanks for the Ghana 70's funk. Been hunting for that for years.