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S.O.J.A. - Dub in a Time of War

Soldiers Of Jah Army - Dub in a Time of War

1. Dub in a Time of War
2. In JAH I Must Fear
3. JAH Protect Dub
4. Dub You Ever
5. What It Takes
6. Fox Rocks
7. Just Like the Land
8. Only Dub Will Stand
9. Frienemy Dub
10. Real Dub
11. JAH Love
12. Within Dub
13. Negativity
14. Revolve
15. Se Acabo Dub

2005 Innerloop Records
Dub version of “Peace in a Time of War” Dub interpretation by veteran sound engineer Jim Fox at LION and FOX Studios.

Genre: Reggae, Dub