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Sly Stone - High on You

Genre: R&B, Soul, Rare Groove

Gilles Peterson & Patrick Forge Present Sunday Afternoon At Dingwalls -- Classic Moves & Grooves From The Legendary Club

Classic grooves from one of the hippest club nights ever -- and it wasn't even a night at all, but a Sunday afternoon session -- headed up by (then) young DJs Gilles Peterson & Patrick Forge. The late 80s launch of the Peterson/Forge Sunday sets at Dingwalls was a seminal moment in jazz and soul -- a time when music of many genres came together equally on the dancefloor, rising above any of the "hokey styles" and "stiffer modes". A true representation of some of the best Jazz/Groove tracks that Gilles and Patrick first hipped us to.

Part 1

Part 2

Genre: Jazz, Soul, Rare Groove


Anonymous said...

love whatever peterson does, just need the PW please.

Members: C & Ras John said...

PW is



Reza said...

ta for this, reminds me of catching the train at 10am every sun morning still with a hangover from the sat night to get there in time, happy days ..best place ever

not so keen on gilles' tatse these days though :(

El Isabelino said...

Thanks a lot for this and so many other great posts.Best wishes from an island in the sun.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... I tried the PW and it doesn't work :(
Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Nevermind my stuffit Expander was fucked up, I found the solution. Thanks for the music!