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Compiled by Rhino HandMade and Warner Archives, WHO IN THE FUNK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE is a collection of songs from the albums "Back On the Right Track" and "Ain't But the One Way", as well as a few previously unreleased tracks, instrumentals, and demos. Some tracks in this late 70s and 80s collection were co-produced by George Clinton, Mark Davis, and Stewart Levine, thus giving the album a "P Funk" sound. This cd is a numbered limited edition of only 5000 produced.

None of the songs that appear in Who In the Funk Do You Think You Are appear in the new Sly and the Family Stone box set, entitled Collection. However, the latter consists of the first seven albums, as well as 33 previously unreleased songs scattered through out the set. Highly recommended by The Fifth Microphone©


Rare Prints available in the forums

Genre: Soul, R&B

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