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Stephen Marley - Mind Control (2007)

Stephen Marley's highly anticipated new album:

Mind Control

1. Mind Control

2. Hey Baby

3. Officer Jimmy (Interlude)

4. Iron Bars

5. The Traffic Jam

6. You're Gonna Leave

7. Chase Dem

8. Lonely Avenue

9. Let Her Dance

10. Fed Up

11. Juna Di Red

PASSWORD: www.peb.pl


Naijaman said...

feeling the blog guy. love the selections especially fela kuti and the jamaica to toronto compilation. Look forward to hearing Stephen Marley's Mind Control. think it needs a pw though

Members: C & Ras John said...

Sorry about forgetting the password, its on now.

Anonymous said...

I got the CD and I listened to it on repeat it is definatly a great Album and the crazy thing is the lyrical content. He is a very deep brother just like his father.