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What with all the porno music comps that have been released, it's strange that no-one has ever explored Brazillian porno music - after all, Brazil is one of those cultures that just oozes sex.
But that's where Sexy 70 comes in!

Sexy 70, from multi-instrumentalist and producer Che (AKA Alexandre Caparroz) is a collection of delicious "bossa-funk-lounge-soul-samba - Italian style" tracks that were inspired by the soundtracks of 70s 'Pornochanchanda' (softcore porn comedy Brazilian-style).
After discovering that it would be a lot of work to try and track down the original music from these movies, Che decided to pay tribute to the music used in those classic Brazilian softcore porn comedies by using the original music as inspiration and composing and performing some tracks himself!
The result is Sexy 70 - a lovely selection of soft and sensual bossa/samba tracks with a touch of contemporary lounge and nu-bossa.

Mastercuts Classic Rare Grooves Vol. 2

1. Caveman Boogie - Lesette Wilson
2. LA Nights - Yasuko Agawa
3. No. 1 Girl - Light of the World
4. You Need a Change of Mind - Brooklyn Express
5. There's a Reason - Hi-Tension
6. Work It Out - Breakwater
7. Barely Breaking Even - Universal Robot Band
8. I'd Like to Get into You
9. Windy City Theme - Carl Davis
10. Bump and Hustle Music - Stewart, Sylvester "Sly Stone" & Sal
11. God Made Me Funky - The Headhunters
12. Give Me Some - LA Boppers

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