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J. Sands - The Breaks Vol. 1

A request fulfilled. A really nice album too. It's dope music like this that makes handling request all worth while...

1. Intro
2. Manifest
3. Ode to J. Sands(blend into next song)
4. Stealing and rhyming
5. (s. carson skit)
6. N.A.B (D.L., SCALES, & REE)
7. Leave it alone(DJ Donsville)
8. (jake steed skit)
9. Brains (J Rawls)
10. In jail
11. Son Shine (Zae Man & 19)
12. (original intro) Whatever (Rashad & P.A.)
13. Too much pussy
14. Dirty Dick
15. (NB skit)
16. Nifty (cool & rub)
17. Reminiscing Apache
18. Times we chill (L.G. & Caleesh)
19. Sincerely Yours (Lord Grand)
20. Skeelo Instr. Outro thanks


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