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Heres another album.

This is my most recent compilation of breaks, a VERY good album, similar to the funk/soul samples Dilla uses.

Lastly, I will update almost every day, make sure to keep coming back. And if you enjoy the music, show ur appreciation and leave a msg!

"Funkee Soul Breaks Keep on Keepin' On"

sliced tomatoes - just brothers
Zoo (The Human Zoo) - The Commodores
tell me what to do - johnny hammond
billy jack - curtis mayfield
humpty dump - the vibrettes
tampin - the rhine oaks
i got my mind made up - instant funk
Either or - Eddie Fisher
two sisters of mystery - mandrill
Remember Who You Are - Sly Stone
easin' in - edwin starr
rapper dapper snapper (instrumental) - edwin birdsong
warning - slave
body heat pt1 - james brown
Touch Me Again - C Smooth Henderson & C Stewart
I Love You - The Bees
backfield in motion - mel and tim
Baby boy - Steve Mancha
dujii - kool & the gang




Anonymous said...

thanks a lot bro ,that 's what i call a dope blog i love tfm ..GOOD WORK AND KEEP IT DIG MERCI GRACIAS CHOUKRAN GRACIE MILLE

Anonymous said...

yo how are u labling ur funksoul sisters collection the photo of the last cover the link is for a totally different collection. If u don't u have the one with betty wright and sylvia striplin why show the cover?